If you or someone you know has been hit by a car or other vehicle as a pedestrian, we can help.

Although pedestrian car safety has improved over the years, pedestrians remain vulnerable road users and can suffer injuries ranging from minor to catastrophic and life changing as a result of being hit by a vehicle.

Every vehicle on the road in the UK is obliged to have insurance in place. However, we can help even if the vehicle that hit you was being driven illegally, whether without insurance, or if it was stolen.

Different types of pedestrian claims;

Pedestrian Crossing The Road

The vast majority of vehicle / pedestrian accidents happen when the pedestrian is crossing the road. Many clients we have helped over the years had thought they would not have a claim until they spoke to us. However, drivers of vehicles have to exercise reasonable skill and care, and failing to see a crossing pedestrian or take avoiding action can result in a claim being made even where there may be some blame on both driver and pedestrian.

Pedestrian on the pavement

Not everyone drives sensibly. We have dealt with many cases where a pedestrian has been struck whilst minding their own business walking along the pavement and the vehicle driver has, for whatever reason lost control of their vehicle and mounted the pavement and collided with the pedestrian.

Children as Pedestrians

Children are not expected to have the same road sense as adults and drivers should be extra careful around them. We have successfully dealt with many cases where drivers have not taken such care. An example would be a someone driving past a busy school at 3.30pm when lots of children are in the area, crossing the road and milling around. Drivers must be especially vigilant and adjust their speed accordingly. Many such areas are now governed by a 20mph speed limit, especially in busy towns, but in some circumstances even this may be too high a speed to be considered safe. Drivers should be aware as to the possibility that children can behave erratically and may run out into the road or cross from behind a parked car or school bus emerging into the road in front of them and adjust their speed accordingly.

Pedestrian Crossings

Many pedestrians are injured whilst using pedestrian crossings. Drivers may not notice someone crossing the road, or may fail to give way to the pedestrian leading to a collision.

What evidence should I gather?

If possible, you should always try to record the registration number, make model and colour  of the car or vehicle. Obtain the name and address of the driver if you can. Obtain details of any witnesses. Note the road and weather conditions and a description of the driver. Photographs are always helpful showing any damage to the car, and its position in the road etc.

What if the driver was uninsured?

We can quickly check whether a vehicle had insurance. Even if they did not, a claim can often still be pursued against the Motor Insurers’ Bureau Uninsured Drivers Agreement.

What about hit and run?

Drivers, after hitting a pedestrian must of course stop. However, they do not always do so and sometimes they flee the scene. If you were unable to obtain details of the car, it may still be possible to make a claim under the Motor Insurers’ Bureau Untraced Drivers Agreement.

How much will it cost?

There is no financial risk to you. We operate on a no win no fee basis. We are only paid if we win your case so we are motivated to do so. We limit our charges to a maximum of 25% of the damages we can recover for you. This includes VAT, and there are no hidden extras such as unnecessary insurance policies. Depending on the nature of the case, our charges are often very significantly less than 25%.

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