What is a wet surface trip?

Slipping on a wet surface can cause serious injuries. Wet surfaces are very slippery, which means it’s easy to lose your balance and fall.

This is especially true in public places, where there may be hazards like puddles or spilled food that you need to navigate around.

A wet surface trip may also be an accident that happens when someone unexpectedly steps in mud or water or when they have to walk through puddles after heavy rains.

Wet surface trips can lead to serious injuries such as broken bones, concussions, torn ligaments, and even fatal accidents in extreme circumstances.

If you have been unlucky enough to be injured by slipping on a wet surface there are some things you should know about claiming compensation for your injuries.

How can a wet surface trip be avoided?

There are a number of measures both local authorities and private owners can take to minimise the risk of a wet surface trip. Pedestrians can also follow a number of steps to be safe on public and private property.

  • Local authorities and property owners should erect signs for areas where there is a slip hazard until the area can be sufficiently cleaned or dried.
  • Areas that are frequently used for walking, such as footpaths and hallways, can be kept tidy by property owners through regular maintenance and cleaning.
  • If a footpath or hallway is wet or icy, it should be dealt with immediately. When this is not possible because of weather conditions such as rain or snowfall, you should use salt or other chemicals to prevent ice from forming.
  • Property owners should also ensure that appropriate lighting is available outside their building so people can see obstacles in front of them when they go out at night; if there are any deep areas in which water may collect during heavy rainstorms (such as a large tree root), it should be filled in with sand or gravel.
  • Pedestrians should be attentive and look out for signage demarking a slippery area and avoid obvious spills.

Can I claim for a wet surface trip?

If you have experienced a wet surface accident, you might be wondering “can I claim for slipping on a wet surface?”. While slipping on a wet surface is a common injury claim, it’s not always possible to get compensation. If you can prove that the wet surface was not your fault, then yes – you may be able to claim for a trip slip and fall.

The first step is to seek medical treatment and make sure that your injuries are recorded by a professional doctor. The second step is for an experienced personal injury solicitor to help you determine whether or not there will be grounds for launching legal action against those responsible for creating unsafe conditions.

Who is at fault if I slip on a wet surface?

If you have slipped on a wet surface, who is responsible for your injury?

  • The owner of the property where the slippery floor is located may also be liable if it was their negligence that caused the accident. For example, if they failed to warn customers about how slippery surfaces could be and this led to someone falling over and suffering an injury due to slipping on said surface then they could be held liable.
  • The Local Authority might be found liable for your injuries if the accident occurred on public property due to negligence and a lack of adherence to health and safety measures.
  • If you have suffered a wet surface slip at work, then your employer might be liable for your injury as they hold a duty of care to their employees.

You may be found at fault for your accident if the accident is deemed clearly avoidable, signage was at the scene and attempts were made to prepare you or warn you prior to the accident. You should contact a personal injury solicitor as soon as possible so that they can investigate your claim and make sure that those responsible pay out what is owed under their insurance policy.

How to claim for a wet surface slip in Cheltenham

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