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Road traffic accidents on public transport in the United Kingdom are more common and varied than you might assume. If you have suffered an injury as a result of a public transport accident that was not your fault, you may be entitled to compensation.

Accidents can of course occur from collisions on public transport, but claims can also be made for injuries that arise from boarding issues, mechanical errors and even abuse or violence from other passengers.

If, through no fault of your own, you suffered physical or mental trauma on public transport, you may have grounds for a public transport accident claim.

If you have been involved in a public transport accident in Cheltenham, Ross Aldridge Solicitor can help you make a claim.

Common Public Transport Claims

Claims can be made across multiple forms of public transport. The UK’s public transport system holds itself to very high standard, but when accidents do happen, there is often the basis for a solid claim. Some such examples are:

Bus accidents accident claim
Bus injury claims can result from rash or incompetent driving. This does not necessarily imply a collision with another vehicle. You could suffer whiplash from a driver braking too suddenly or an injury from a corner being taken too sharply.

Train accidents claim
Train injuries are often based around slips, trips and falls. As mentioned, boarding issues and mechanical errors can often act as ground for a public transport accident claim. Baggage falling on trains can also cause injury to passengers, as can damaged seating and handrails.

Ferry accidents claim
Ferry claims can arise from unsecured luggage or dangerous objects falling or sliding and impacting passengers.

Hit and run claims
A Hit and Run claim in which a pedestrian is involved in a road traffic accident and the driver flees the scene.

Accidents on the tube claim
Underground rail claims among which violence from fellow passengers, slips and falls or dangerous conditions may be the grounds for a claim.

Common Injuries from a Public Transport Accident

Different types of injuries can arise from the public transport accidents listed above. Common examples that may provide grounds for a claim include:

  • Whiplash.
  • Crushing injuries due to overcrowding.
  • Concussion from falling objects.
  • Spinal injuries.
  • Cuts and bruises from broken glass or damaged rails.
  • Mental trauma.

Who is at fault for Public Transport Claims?

Drivers on public transport carry a legal responsibility for the safety of their passengers. If an accident occurs on a bus, train or ferry and the driver is deemed to have been negligent in their duty of care, they may be deemed liable for any injuries sustained.

Public transport accidents can also occur because of factors outside of the driver’s control. If a bus is in a collision with another vehicle and the bus driver is deemed to be free of blame, they will not be held liable, but you could claim against the driver of the other vehicle if they were to blame.

Accidents for Employees on Public Transport

Public transport employees who suffer injuries or accidents at work may also be entitled to compensation. Employers hold a responsibility for the health and safety of their employees and successful claims may be covered by employers’ liability insurance.

Ross Aldridge Solicitors are experienced at handling public transport accident claims for both passengers and employees that suffer injuries outside of their control.

Steps to Take After a Public Transport Accident

As always with public liability claims, it is crucial you act as swiftly as possible after your accident when filing a claim. Following the steps below will present the best opportunity of receiving compensation for your injuries.

  1. Seek medical attention – your health takes priority. Assess the degree of your injury and seek appropriate care from a medical professional. If the injury is serious, contact an ambulance immediately. In the event of a minor injury, it is still recommended you go to A&E or to your local GP for an evaluation.
  2. Report the accident – lodge a report with the police or fill out any sort of accident form available on your mode of transport. Make contact with the transport company.
  3. Seek witnesses – try to get the contact details of anyone that observed your injury. Witness testimony can be very helpful in filing a successful claim.
  4. Document the accident – find out if any CCTV footage of your accident exists. Attempt to take photographs of the area in which the injury occurred. Document your injury with photographs.
  5. Record loss of earnings – keep track of any expenses you incur in the aftermath of your accident. Record any lost earnings from time spent out of work.
  6. Seek legal guidance – make contact with an experienced solicitor’s office, Ross Aldridge Solicitors are based in Cheltenham and offer expert legal guidance on making a claim. Email us on or phone 0800 0270 370.

Making a Public Transport Claim in the UK

If you suffered an accident on public transport that wasn’t your fault, contact a solicitor with experience in public liability claims.

Ross Aldridge Solicitors offer vast experience in public transport accidents and operate on a no win, no fee basis.

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